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Pak Spices Salt Shape Manufacturer and Exporter of Quality Salt Products. We Based in the city of Lahore Pakistan. Pak Spices Salt Shape been in the Salt business for over 4 years we are Exporting & marketing various Salt Products to overseas. We currently supply Salt Products to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, USA. Our Salt Lamps speak for themselves, our customers just love the lamps and products we produce. Pakistan is a rich country in terms of natural resources. There is an abundance of coal, gas, minerals, copper, gold, iron and oil. Note that these are just some of the several natural riches of Pakistan, one of which is Himalayan Pink Salt. For other Himalayan Salt products, including salt crystal lamps, the company deals directly with craftsmen in Pakistan in small workshops centered in villages where creating Himalayan salts products is a major part of the economic support for the village. In addition to providing support to local craftsmen, this exclusive relationship allows us to guarantee superior and consistent workmanship and the highest quality materials at very competitive prices. We ve grown from the early days of exporting pure white and pink salts for cooking, into a marketer of white, pink and black salts, bath salt products and hundreds of varieties of salt lamps fashioned by hand from pure salt crystals.

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