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Frock has been used since Middle English as the name for an article of clothing for men and women. In Standard and World English the word is used as an alternative term for a girl's or woman's dress. In Australia it is frequently used this way, with the phrase 'to frock up' meaning to wear a formal dress or gown for a special occasion. Originally, a frock was a loose, long garment with wide, full sleeves, such as the habit of a monk or priest, commonly belted. (This is the origin of the modern term defrock or unfrock, meaning 'to eject from the priesthood'.) The term has been continually applied to various types of clothing, generally denoting a loosely fitted garment. Frock is also a woman s or girl s dress. Females look best in frocks while short or long. I have started the similar garment boutique recently. I want to sell net stuff frocks for ladies. Frocks are available in almost every color like red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, purple, gray, golden, silver, pink etc. Different shades of these colors are available. Some of the frocks are having net top portion and some have embroidery on the top. Frocks are available in different sizes and diameters. I have full variety of party, formal and fancy frocks. Whether you call, shop our website, or come to our store, we promise you an amazing experience. Our consultants put you at ease as you fall in love with the dress of your dreams. We know that what you wear is part of your memories of the day, and by offering a great selection of gowns plus attentive, personal service, we want to become part of your wedding experience. I can also design the frocks from pictures. You can send me sample picture on whatsapp and get your dress delivered within 2 days. You can play with colors and designs on Photoshop and send me the picture.

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